Sustainable Impact

Welcome to our sustainability page. As a proud member of the hotel industry, we are aware of our responsibility towards our environment, our community, and our guests. That's why we are particularly pleased to be awarded the ibex fairstay platinum quality seal – a testament to our decades-long commitment to a sustainable future.

Our sustainability efforts are based on five pillars:

Social Balance

Social balance - our employees are at the heart of our company. We offer fair working conditions, promote further education, and are committed to the community in which we live and work. Inclusion is a big focus for us:

  • Integration of mainly mentally and/or physically challenged employees in cooperation with Menzihuus.
  • Salaries of all employees are gender-neutral.
  • Employees receive documented internal/external training.
  • The proportion of women in management positions is 50%.

Social Balance

Ecology - we are actively committed to protecting our environment by using resource-saving technologies and continuously looking for ways to reduce our ecological footprint:

  • Hot water and heating energy from local wood chips.
  • Maya products from Steinfels for soaps, cleaning agents, and detergents.
  • Solar energy for hot water preparation.
  • Short transportation routes through the use of locally produced products and services (organic vegetables; in-house bakery; in-house laundry).
  • Use of regional products (milk, butter, cheese, meat).
  • At least 50% of food is organically produced.
  • Reduction of food waste through self-service buffet - fewer leftovers from the plates.
  • Free public transport arrival for stays of two nights or more.


Regionalism - we support local producers and suppliers to strengthen the economy in our region and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions from long transport routes:

  • Our share of organic food when shopping is nearly 60%.
  • All beverages from regional suppliers.
  • Vegetables partly from our own garden and from regional vegetable farmers.
  • Meat and fish from the region.
  • Bread from the in-house bakery.
  • Our laundry is processed on-site by Menzihuus.
  • Organic eggs from our own chicken farm.


Management - sustainability must be consciously anchored in management. Internal structures and processes are adjusted accordingly. Leadership, internal organization, controlling, and guest orientation:

  • Our action plan is updated annually and contains measures in at least four of the pillars.
  • We publish a sustainability report for each certification and re-certification.
  • We participate in sustainable collaborations from tourism and marketing cooperations.

Finances & Performance

Finances & Performance - only a financially healthy operation can work sustainably and secure jobs. Therefore, we place strong emphasis on revenue, performance, cost control, investments, risk management, as well as guest and employee satisfaction:

  • Revenue per specialist employee > CHF 120,000.
  • Cash flow averages >10% of revenue.
  • Maintenance and reinvestment costs >5% of annual revenue.
  • Self-financing rate > 40%.
  • Monthly revenue budgeting once a year. Monthly actual vs. planned comparison.
  • Short, medium, and long-term financial plans are available.