Lihn belongs to a cooperative which combines the hospitality and comfort of a modern hotel with social commitment.
Cooperatives have tradition in Switzerland. In 1929, a holiday home cooperative was founded by the Blue Cross in Zürich and the holiday home Lihn was opened. In 1934 Hotel Seebüel in Davos was founded. In 1991 “Menzihuus”, a social therapeutic institution, was added to the Lihn area. Both hotels and institute “Menzihuus” form the GsdW.

Seminarhotel Lihn

Hotel Seebüel


The focus of the cooperative:

  • Hotels with a professional infrastructure for seminar and holiday guests
  • Offers of therapy for people of both sexes with psychic based or slight physical disabilities and/or for people with addictions
  • Training and integrated jobs for handicapped people
  • Integrative cooperation between the hotel and therapy sectors
  • Focus on sustainability, including awards: ISO-standard, Gôut-Mieux, Alpinavera and Bioknospen

Flyer Seminarhotel Lihn
Flyer restaurant Panorama Lihn